Gardening in our Yarning Circle space with Brenden

On 25 February 2019, our students and staff at Windale Public School had the opportunity to meet and work with Brenden Moore from Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden.

We got to meet with Brenden once a month during Terms 1 and 2. Brendan was absolutely amazing, having some pretty awesome conversations with our students and staff about the importance of the native plants and animals in our environment. He brought with him some beautiful bush tucker plants, native grasses and shrubs for our students to add to our gorgeous Yarning Circle space. The knowledge Brenden shared with us was very valued. We really appreciate Brenden coming up to our school and getting us involved in something that might be seen as a small and simple task, but will have big impact in the long run.

We were also lucky enough to sit and have our lunch break with Brenden and enjoy listening to him play some deadly tunes on his didgeridoo.

Our time spent with Brenden was truly amazing.

Story contributed by Belinda Schueppenhauer from Windale Public School. Published in 2019.